PO Box letter delivery frequency to be maintained

POAAL has worked hard over the past 12 months to protect the value of PO Boxes to Licensees.

A crucial part of POAAL's submission to the Federal Government on "Postal Services Modernisation" in April last year was our push for mail to be delivered to PO Boxes five days per week. POAAL reinforced that message over the following 12 months in meetings with the Department, the Minister's office, and the Shadow Minister.

The Government's announcement in December 2023 that letter delivery frequency would be reduced was silent on PO Boxes. POAAL again pushed Australia Post and the Government for a commitment that PO Boxes would continue to be a premium service for customers.

This week the Federal Government has announced that Australia Post will continue to service Post Office Boxes every business day where this currently operates.

POAAL is delighted that our persistent, rational and professional approach has resulted in this win for Licensees. In our survey in 2023, Licensees overwhelmingly told POAAL that maintaining current delivery frequency to PO Boxes was crucial to the value of PO Boxes to customers and therefore Licensees' businesses.