Australia Post one step closer to BPR increase

Today the ACCC published its view on Australia Post’s draft price notification, which sought to increase the BPR from $1.20 to $1.50.

Australia Post proposed to increase the price for ordinary small letters by 25% (from $1.20 to $1.50). It has also proposed to increase the prices for large letters by 25%. Australia Post’s proposed price increase does not affect the price of concession stamps or stamps for seasonal greeting cards.

POAAL made a detailed submission to the ACCC in response to Australia Post’s proposal to increase postage rates.

The ACCC proposes to not object to Australia Post’s proposed price increase. The ACCC has found that Australia Post is unlikely to earn revenue in excess of its costs for reserved services - even with the proposed increase in prices.

Next steps

The ACCC’s decision relates to Australia Post’s draft price notification only. The ACCC has now opened a period of consultation until mid-February. Following this consultation, the ACCC will invite Australia Post to submit a formal price notification.

Australia Post intends to implement the proposed price increase in early 2024, subject to the ACCC’s consultation, Australia Post’s formal notification of the price increase to the ACCC, and the Minister not disapproving the increase.

Read the ACCC's full statement on the ACCC website.